You can’t go on this trip, your Excellency.’ I stared blankly at Pastor Edward who had just ended his long speech about why I wasn’t supposed to travel, with that last statement. It took me about a minute to digest everything he had said.

So, all you’ve just said is, I’m not supposed to get on the plane because it’s going to crash. And I die?’ I asked.

Yes, yes. Our Father in Heaven revealed this to me at dawn today as I prayed.’

The man looked serious. He wasn’t joking. He held his Bible very close to his chest with his eyes closed as though he was communicating with spirits. I’ve known Pastor Edward for about three years. He was the one who encouraged me throughout my campaigning days. Prayed with and for me. Constantly called to check how I was doing. I didn’t forget him when I won the elections and was given mandate over the country. We were family now and he was like an older brother to me, which was why it was very difficult to discard everything he just said.

‘But this is a very important conference o, Eddie. I don’t think I’ll have a good enough excuse to warrant my absence.’ I was really worried.

You see, I had been invited by the United Nations Secretariat for an important world conference in New York. Terrorists had plagued a lot of its member countries and their new strategies had caused a lot of panic. They had infiltrated governments and databases of prominent organizations. You could be eating with one from the same plate and still wouldn’t know it was a spy. This was something I couldn’t miss and God would have to postpone my death.

Okay, if you say so then I’ve heard. I’ll think and pray about it,’ I said as I got up to see him to the door. He scrutinized every guard in their suits and dark glasses and probably wondered why so much protection was needed indoors.

‘John, there’s nothing to think about. Do not disobey God-’


The alarm clocked yanked me out of my sleep, interrupting my dream. I slapped the top of the clock to make the noise stop. I was sweating, even with the air conditioner on full blast. What kind of dream was this? Maybe I was just anxious about the flight. Or was God speaking to me directly and decided to use Edward’s identity?

What is it?’ Agatha asked. Agatha is my wife. I told her about the dream and what Pastor Edward had said in it. She got worried, of course.

So what are you going to do? This could actually be God speaking to you o.’ She had a point but this wasn’t the time to deliberate.

I’m going on this trip. What can come can come.’


Everything was set. The technical team had checked everything and the jet was fine. No faults. As the plane took off, I said a little prayer. I wasn’t going to throw my relationship with God away because of a little dream. A dream that scared the hell out of me. But what were the odds?

Two hours… six hours… a few more, I guess.

The plane finally touched ground. We were here, and I was very much alive. Ha! I was very relieved, I won’t lie. Everyone probably noticed the aura of happiness that had suddenly engulfed me. It was a long trip and I needed a little rest before meeting the other Heads of State. The limo that had picked us up from the airport stopped in front of the hotel I was spending the night. My guards rushed to the door to fence me from the crowd as I got down from the car. I turned to wave and I saw the truck. I don’t know where it came from but it was coming in our direction. One of the guards tried to pull me out of the way but it was too late. It came right at us and sent my three guards and I flying. My head hit the ground with a loud thud. I could taste blood in my mouth and I felt it ooze out of every opening. The forty eight years I spent on earth played in my mind like a movie as I felt my soul leave my body.


I woke up abruptly, sweating. We were still on the plane. Aah. Another terrible dream, I thought to myself. I must’ve fallen asleep after I got tired of counting the hours. At least I was alive. But wait. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be alive for long. I turned to look at who the voice that woke me up belonged to. I met a gun right in my face. The owner wore a black turban with a long bushy beard. Terrorists! How were they even able to get on the plane? It might be an inside job, but maybe I wasn’t going to live long enough to find out.

God, if this is another dream, wake me up quickly.’
-Nadia. Vee



It’s 5:04 pm, and my back is killing me. The elevator at work broke down a few days ago and using the stairs has been strenuous on my body. But who were we to complain? Newbies like us who were only relevant for buying waakye for their supervisors and making photocopies all day really just had to shut up and suffer. Pain is not permanent though. Whenever it struck 5:00 on the clock, we quickly packed our stuff and hit the road for home.

There weren’t many cars on the road today. Usually, the traffic builds up around this time but the Heavens had probably heard my joints wailing out of agony and decided to make the road ours. My mum was driving rather slowly but I was too knackered to ask why. I picked my phone to reply a text I received earlier. ‘Ah what kind of by heart driving is this?!’ Mummy was upset with the driver who was now in front of her. Apparently, he sped from behind and overtook her and was recklessly switching lanes. ‘You think you’re the only one who can race on these streets eh? We’ll see.’ I sighed because I knew exactly what that last statement meant. Mummy was fond of having mini races every time she drove. To her, any car that was moving at top speed was competition.

The lights turned red and Mummy slowed her pace. She stopped right under the traffic light making her the first on our lane. Her competitor was on our immediate right. The man probably didn’t even notice us, but then again, I had no strength to care. It was always fun when Mummy raced with ‘unlooking’ drivers. It was like playing Need for Speed except I didn’t have the controls. I did the cheering and clapping. The nicest part was that we always won. Yes, my mum is gangster. But not today. I just wanted to get home, take a shower and sleep till whenever. She grinned. I knew that grin. I saw that her foot was right on top of the pedal, ready to take off. Her Beast Mode was on. It was really going to happen.

The lights turned green. It was as if by some magic she knew exactly when the lights would change. She stepped on the accelerator and the car roared. VROOM! It moved so quickly it felt as though we had been catapulted. We were in the lead. ‘Haha. Next time you won’t play with your seniors.’ My mum was so excited. She probably didn’t even notice that I wasn’t joining in the jeering. All I could do was roll my eyes and hope it would end soon. We noticed the guy take a detour behind us. He was gone. ‘Oh. This one gave up rather early. I guess I’ve won then.’ My prayers had been answered. God is indeed not dead.

We got to a T-junction and my mum slowed down to check for oncoming cars before hitting the main road. We noticed a car speeding towards us. It whizzed past us. It was our guy. Our man was in a comfortable lead now. But hopefully, my mum would let it go. ‘Ah! This guy has cheated. He used an unknown route. It’s not fair.’ My mum said this as she made her turn. ‘Cheated with what?! Eh, mummy?’ I finally spoke with all frustration. ‘He probably just wants to get home after a long day at work, just like the rest of us.’ She turned to look at me with nonchalance and rolled her eyes. ‘Whatever. I’m not losing this race.


Till Death Do Us Unite

Tears rolled from Emily’s eyes as she looked down in admiration at the beautiful bride, who was also her best friend. She wasn’t sure if they were tears of joy or of resentment. They had been held back since the day Esinam announced her engagement and wedding plans with Robert at the Nkansahs’ residence. Their eyes met as they both gazed at their reflections in the mirror. Esinam gave a sinister smile as though she knew what was running through Emily’s mind.

“Oh Em, stop crying” Esinam said as she turned to face her bridesmaid. “You’ll ruin your makeup.” Her smile widened as she leaned in to kiss Emily on her lips. Emily remained unresponsive to this show of affection because at that very point, she was spent and had no energy left for any more drama. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and gave an almost silent giggle, at the same time shaking her head.

“Anyway!” Emily exclaimed with what seemed like an abrupt surge of newly found joy. “I want to make a toast… to us.” She scurried into an inner room and reappeared with a bottle of wine and glasses. She handed a glass to Esinam and poured an appreciable amount into it. They raised their glasses and said simultaneously, “to us.” Esinam lifted the drink to her lips and Emily stared at her blankly, as her mind went on another rampage.

Her lips. She remembered how her lips tasted when they kissed for the first time. To Esinam, it was a stupid mistake that was never to be repeated. But as time passed, she could no longer live in denial and decided to put an end to the restrain she placed on her feelings. Her best friend was now her lover. The weekend sleepovers their parents thought were spent gossiping and talking about boys, were nights of love-making and strengthening bonds. Esinam didn’t want anyone to know about their little relationship, of course. She feared her family’s reaction and possible disownment. Emily agreed to keep it a secret provided Esinam mastered courage soon enough so they could express their love publicly. But this was the beginning of their “courtship’s” end.

Esinam’s father, Kokuvi Nkansah, was a business magnate with enterprises spread around the globe. He was rich. Filthy rich. He had become worried about Esinam’s inability to introduce a young man to the family as her boyfriend. When efforts to persuade her to get married had proven futile, he launched his contingency plan. He promised his daughter a large percentage of the company’s shares, only if she made plans for marriage. He already had someone in mind; Robert Taylor.  Robert was a fine gentleman. He had his own plans and they were about to materialize. He walked in on the “best friend couple” deeply engrossed in a heated make out session, one not so fine evening and suggested that if Esinam would move their wedding to an earlier date, he would keep his mouth shut. It was very obvious that he was in for the money. Esinam promised Emily that she would get rid of him immediately after the wedding so they’d elope. But Emily noticed how things began to change. Esinam liked Robert and she looked at him with the same sparkle in her eyes as she did her.

Emily’s thoughts were interrupted by a call from her phone. Her face turned slightly pale as she glanced at the name on the screen. She answered. “It’s done.” The voice was a stern and baritone one. “Thank you,” Emily replied. The work was done. The brakes of Robert’s car had failed, resulting in a crash that killed him. She didn’t want to have to do it but he forced her hand. Three days before the wedding, he had told Emily that he had started loving Esinam and there was no way their plan of murdering her after the wedding so they get married with the stolen money could ever happen.

She immediately changed her demeanor and turned to give Esinam the news. Esinam refused to believe it till she had seen his body. Emily offered to drive her to the hospital.

As they walked to her car, Emily gave her best friend one last look. Hopefully, she’d get her to the morgue to mourn the loss of her husband for a little while before the poison from her wine glass would take effect.

They both deserved to die. They could have their blissful wedding in their coffins. Her next target was Mr.Nkansah. If he refused her too, he’d be gone.



I don’t know how this is going to begin or end. But ! I’m just here to say God is amazing!

I wrote a really important exam and I was very uncertain of the outcome because I didn’t study as much as I’d wanted. So I did what I was supposed to do; prayed earnestly. I promised God that if He helped me pass, I’d let the whole world know of it. I was going to testify of His greatness all the days of my life. As a human being, I worried. A lot actually. Especially since I’m in my final year and I wanted to get everything right before I completed school. Sometimes I felt God wasn’t listening (because I wanted to hear His voice or see Him, literally), or I felt I wasn’t praying hard enough or I wasn’t worthy. There was always something. But then I remembered Abraham and how He promised God to offer his son as a sacrifice if He, God made him a father. So I got on my knees and vowed that once He blessed me with this, I was going to let as many a people as possible know about His goodness. And I think it pleased Him. God is merciful. And He’s always there for us. The God of Isaac, Moses, David, Joshua, Sara and all the others, is now the God of Nadia. He can be your God too. If only you believe.

Thank you for reading. I believe in God ! I believe in Miracles ! :):)




when I saw the sun rise in your eyes,

I knew it was the dawn of great things.

when my tongue tasted the nectar of your kiss,

the butterflies in my stomach fluttered in approval.

when your touch turned cold

and your spirit was distant,

I knew it was time to let go.